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Why am I skeptic of Cyrus Cylinder?

Growing up in Iran has taught me to be skeptic of the words of politicians and the powerful. Read more about this and how it applies to Cyrus Cylinder in this short essay.

Let’s talk about Cyrus the Great. He conquered Babylon and issued the creation of a cylinder which is known as Cyrus Cylinder; it is known to be the first declaration of human rights. As an Iranian, the fact that the first declaration of human rights has come from an Iranian empire should fill me with pride; but it doesn’t and here’s why:

In Iran every time a president or a presidential candidate speaks in front of people, the speech is full of beautiful words. It is always about people deserving affordable housing, wages that can enable them to have a comfortable lives, well-covering health insurance, the right to privacy and so much more. The boldest move was made by the seventh president of Iran. He published a document titled “The Bill of Citizen’s Rights” and announced that this document will be ensuring the protection of people’s rights.

But as soon as people demand something from the regime, whether it’s the right to freely express their opinions or the right to have clean water, they have been met with violence and their every right from privacy to having a fair trial have been denied. Protesters in the street have been arrested, they have been denied their right to an attorney, all their belongings have been searched, they have been tortured and forced into fake confessions and in many cases, they have lost their lives due to torture.

All my life, I have witnessed how the words of politicians and the powerful doesn’t stand for anything and how easily they can be ignored. And that’s why I am skeptic of Cyrus Cylinder. The fact is that I believe that those beautiful words might have not been acted upon.



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